Rules & Regulations
P.O. Box 7666
Ann Arbor
MI 48107
(734) 332-6000

Welcome to your new apartment!   It is our intention to operate and maintain your rental dwelling in a professional manner and to strive at all times to provide prompt and efficient service.    In return, we request your cooperation in observing the following rules and regulations:

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1) Rent Payments

A total rent has been established for the lease term, which in many instances will be less than 365 days.    Rent is payable in 1 check only and is due on the 28th day of the previous month.   Any non cash method of payment with the exception of credit cards is acceptable.   Payments should be mailed or delivered to the address listed above.    If any rent payment is still outstanding five (5) days after the due date, a late charge of $25 will be assessed.    All NSF checks will be assessed a charge of $25.

2) Utilities

Orders for utility services should be directed to the appropriate agencies:

Electric DTE Energy 1-800-477-4747
Gas Service DTE Energy 1-800-477-4747
Telephone Ameritech 1-800-244-4444
Water City of Ann Arbor 994-2666
Cable TV and Internet Comcast 973-2266

All companies require at least 24 hours notice to turn on service, are only open during the week, and will require a deposit.    Please note that all of our properties have been wired with at least one (1) phone jack.     If additional lines or outlets are necessary, please contact us before ordering a new installation.     All charges for these installations will be paid by the resident.   Use wireless routers for shared internet connections.

3) Walls & Ceilings

Small finish nails, metal picture hangers, or tacks are the only acceptable method for hanging posters, pictures etc.    Please do not use tape, glue, putty, or any of the "stick-on" types of hooks, racks, room deodorizers or hangers.   Absolutely nothing should be affixed or attached to any door, window, ceiling or trim.    The lessee shall be responsible for the cost of all wall repairs resulting from the installation or overuse of these items.     In particular, be advised that the removal of "moons and stars" along with the necessary patching and painting is extremely costly!

4) Parking

Where off-street parking is provided, it is done so on a first come first serve basis unless a specific space has been assigned.    In either case, we do not police the parking lots.    Please ask guests to park on the street.    Vehicles that are parked blocking access to dumpsters will be towed without notice.

5) Trash & Recyclables

All trash should be put in tied plastic bags and placed inside the containers which have been provided.    Do not use paper bags!   If you are renting a single family house, it is your responsibility to have the garbage placed on the curb for weekly pickup.   Please treat recyclables (newspapers, plastics, etc.) in the same manner, placing the appropriate materials in the appropriate bins.   Lessee will be billed for any cleanup necessitated by trash not being properly bagged and disposed of.    All costs incurred by Lessor that can be attributed to Lessee's noncompliance with this section of the Rules and Regulations will be the responsibility of the Lessee.   These costs shall be considered rent and due with the Lessee's next rental payment.

6) Storage

Please store items in designated areas only.   When these have been provided, you are welcome to use them at your own risk.   We are not responsible for any damage or theft that may occur.    Mechanical and furnace rooms are strictly off limits at all times.

7) Insurance

The insurance that we carry on your apartment building does not cover your personal property in the event of fire, flood, wind damage, theft, etc.  Renters' insurance policies can be obtained at nominal cost from most insurance companies.    Students may find that their personal property is covered under their parent(s) homeowner's policy.    Take the time to check on these options!

8) Locks

Doors should be locked whenever the premises are unoccupied.    No additional locks should be installed on any doors or windows.     If you have concerns related to the security of you dwelling, please refer them to us.    Where locked mail boxes are provided, the key should be stored in a safe place to avoid loss.     If a mailbox is pried open to remove mail, the Lessee will be held monetarily responsible.

9) Windows

All storm windows and screens are self storing.     Under no circumstances should you remove storm windows or screens.   Damaged or lost screens will be charged to the Lessee.   Windows should be locked whenever the premises are unoccupied.

10) Furnishings

Furniture provided in the lease agreement must remain in the rental unit for the term of the lease unless other arrangements are made during the signing of the lease agreement.    Furniture should not be left outside on the decks or porches.    Where window blinds and shades have been installed, no additional draperies or hardware will be provided.    Written authorization must be procured before any resident attempts to install air conditioning units or any type of ceiling or wall mounted fixtures.   Any furniture, whether, belonging to the Lessee or the Lessor, that is outside the rental unit on a porch, deck, lawn, etc. may be removed at Lessor's sole discretion at the Lessee's expense.

11) Porches, Decks & Fire Escapes

Furniture from inside the the dwelling unit is not to be moved to or stored on the porch, deck or lawn.    Also, the only furniture allowed on porches and decks is that designed/manufactured for outdoor use.    SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED ARE OLD SOFAS, FUTONS, EASY CHAIRS AND ALL OTHER TYPES OF UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE!    Barbecue grills are not to be used on any porches or decks.   The potential of physical damage to the building as well as personal liability for injury precludes use of grills in these areas.    The exterior fire escape stairway is intended for emergency use only.   No banners, lights, signs or decorative items of any nature whatsoever may be attached to the exterior of the building.

12) No Pets

To maintain acceptable health and safety standards, the lease agreement strictly prohibits any pets from being kept in the rental dwelling.   This means no pets of any kind.    Any unauthorized pet constitutes a violation of your lease agreement and may result in a vacate order.

13) Repairs

All requests for routine repairs must be made by submitting the maintenance request form on the web site.   Emergencies such as drain back ups, leaks, etc., must be phoned in immediately to the emergency maintenance line, 332-6000.    Leave your name, address, date, time of call, phone number and the nature of your problem.   Lessee will be charged for maintenance calls resulting from negligent use of dishwashers, disposals, toilets, windows etc.   Lock out service is billed at $50 per occasion and is subject to availability of staff.

14) Quiet Enjoyment

Please remember that between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 am all stereos, TV's, etc., must be kept at a low level, so as not to disturb the privacy of others in the building.    Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests while on the premises.

15) Lighting

Lessee will replace burned out light bulbs in all lighting fixtures during the lease term and leave working light bulbs in the fixtures at the end of the lease term.

16) Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are provided according to the housing code of Ann Arbor, and must be kept in working order.    Lessee is responsible for all battery replacements in battery-operated smoke detectors and for reporting all inoperable units to the Lessor.

17) Snow Removal

Lessee(s) of single-family dwellings are responsible for removing snow and ice from all porches, stairs and walkways.

18) Sub-letting

You are responsible for the full lease term.     If one or more roommates leave during the lease term, you are all jointly responsible for finding a sublettor.   All sublease agreements must conform to the terms and conditions of the original lease agreement.    An approved sublease form is on the website and is available for you to print and use.    All sublet agreements require the written consent of all lessees.    A sublet agreement does not release the Lessee from liability pursuant to the original Lease Agreement.

19) Cleaning

Lessee shall at all times keep the rental unit and the fixtures therein in a clean and sanitary condition.

20) Flammables

The Lessee shall not keep flammable or explosive materials in the rental unit, public areas, furnace, utility rooms or storage areas. The Lessee shall not use any method of heating other than that supplied by the lessor.

21) Shower Curtains

Lessee must provide and use a shower curtain in each shower.    Any damage as a result of not doing so will be the sole responsibility of the Lessee.

22) Inventory Checklist

At move in you will be given an inventory checklist.    It is your responsibility to complete this form (noting any damages, missing items, etc.) and return it to our office within 7 days.

23) Additional Costs

Additional costs associated with any item(s) in these rules & regulations shall be considered as additional rent and due with the Lessee's next rental payment.