Rental Application
A security deposit equal to 1 1/2 times the monthy rent plus a $125 per person non refundable prep fee must be paid by check at lease signing. Click here for a printable version

Rental Application

Name of Applicant age (Minors must have an adult cosign)

Present Address phone#


Present LandLord phone#

If you are currently a student:

Name of school/university fr so jr sen grad

anticipated graduation date

Permanent Address phone
You must include your city, state and zip in the address box

Sources of rental payments, if not employed

If you are employed:

Name of employer phone

Occupation income

If you have an automobile:

Make year License#
bank type of account

Local Reference:

Name Phone


Address of Apartment you wish to rent:

Names of others in your group

"I declare the above information to be true and accurate and I understand that the owner/manager of the property will rely on this information in entering into a rental agreement with me. I have been duly informed that NO PETS are to be kept on this property."