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A security deposit equal to 1 1/2 times the monthy rent plus a $125 per person non refundable prep fee must be paid by check at lease signing. Click here to go back

Rental Application

Name of Applicant age

Present Address phone#


Present LandLord phone#

If you are currently a student:

Name of school/university fr so jr sen grad

anticipated graduation date

Permanent Address phone

Sources of rental payments, if not employed

If you are employed:

Name of employer phone

Occupation income

If you have an automobile:

Make year License#
bank type of account

Local Reference:

Name Phone


Address of Apartment you wish to rent:

Names of others in your group

"I declare the above information to be true and accurate and I understand that the owner/manager of the property will rely on this information in entering into a rental agreement with me. I have been duly informed that NO PETS are to be kept on this property."