Maintenance & Maintenance Emergencies
How do I place a maintenance request?

Easy to do, Complete the form, giving a clear description and exact location of the problem.

Once receiving the request, our staff will respond as soon as possible.  When they arrive at your residence they will knock or ring the bell.  If no one answers, they will enter with a passkey and clearly announce their presence.  After completing their service, they will securely re-lock your residence.

If you have any questions concerning the service you received, please contact us.

What is considered an emergency?

The following are a few examples of what is considered an emergency:

No heat.  Locked out of our your unit.  $50 fee for all lock out calls.  Exterior door lock doesn't work.  Severe water leak (Please attempt to shut off water to that location and/or contain the water leak).  No electrical service (check circuit breaker prior to calling).  Sewer back up (If you feel you have a back up, do not use any water anywhere in the unit until we arrive).  Remember, this service is for true emergencies, not routine maintenance requests!

OK, it's really an emergency. Now what do I do?

If you feel your maintenance problem is an emergency, immediately call the emergency number: 734-332-6000.  

Can I be charged for maintenance?

Generally no, routine maintenance for your residence is free.   However, residents will be charged for maintenance that is required due to their neglect, i.e. Coins, bottle caps, etc. jamming the garbage disposal, clogged toilets that resident has not made an effort to plunge themselves, broken windows and screens.

Maintenance Request Form

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